black-plateAsian Star brand Surimi seafood is brought to you by Zaloom Marketing. Surimi seafood products: From Thailand, Korea, China, Singapore, and Malaysia. We hope you find this site helpful in determining your Surimi needs.

Imitation crab flakes, imitation crab sticks, imitation crab legs, imitation unbreaded scallops. Value added seafoods: imitation breaded scallops, imitation breaded crab claws, sushi products, sushi sticks, imitation crab shreds, minced sticks, filament sticks, imitation shrimp, imitation lobster, and much more!

Zaloom Marketing is the largest direct importer of High Quality Surimi Seafood from Asia to America. We import from only the best quality producers in Asia. Our Family has over 15 years of experience in Surimi Seafood which enables us to provide the best quality products at the best price. We have a product to fit your needs. Whether it be a higher quality product where price is important but a good level of quality is too. Satisfaction is guaranteed!!! Our products hold a reputation of being consistent with the absolute best pricing possible. We stand behind every pound we sell!